Carestream is a cone-beam CT scanner. This dental technology allows us to construct 3D digital models of your teeth and jaw for precise planning of procedures like dental implants. The machine delivers just a tiny fraction of the radiation that a medical CT scanner uses, and the open design makes it more comfortable for you to use. Plus, it can provide even more detailed images of the small areas we focus on.


Invisalign is a computerized alternative to traditional braces. Instead of metal brackets and wires, it uses a computer-designed sequence of clear plastic aligners to move your teeth into place. Based on the data from previous patients, Invisalign is constantly being refined, and the process is faster, more accurate, and more reliable than ever.


T-Scan is a detailed digital bite measurement dental technology. It can precisely track not only how much force each of your teeth experiences when you bite down, but can track it in realtime, allowing us to see if any of your teeth experience elevated transient force. This helps us track the health of your bite and ensure that all our restorations promote a healthy, balanced bite.

DNA Sleep Apnea Treatment

One potential cause of sleep apnea is that you have an airway which is narrow and prone to collapse. Your airway and jaw form together, so reshaping your jaw can expand your airway, which will improve your ability to breathe. This is what the DNA (Daytime Nighttime Appliance) does: it encourages expansion of your jaw and therefore your airway. It can reduce or eliminate your sleep apnea. That means freedom not just from CPAP, but even from oral appliances in the future.


MicrO2 is an advanced oral appliance for treating sleep apnea. It is designed for comfort, with its low profile, easy adjustment, and contoured borders. It even offers more room for your tongue so your mouth won’t feel so crowded. Plus, the digital design protocols improve the accuracy of the appliance for a more precise, comfortable fit.


Gum disease is a threat not just to your teeth, but also to your overall health, increasing your risk of many serious health conditions. PerioProtect is a treatment that supplements your normal oral hygiene to target persistent gum disease and help you fight back this chronic inflammatory condition. Fitted trays similar to teeth whitening trays deliver medication just where you need it, to your gums.


Dental implants are very similar to natural teeth roots, but they’re stronger, so we don’t need a full set of dental implants to replace your teeth. Thanks to advanced engineering, All-on-4 can replace an entire arch of teeth with just four dental implants. This not only saves money and makes for a more streamlined procedure, it means you can get a full set of teeth in just one day.

New You Dentures

Traditional dentures are made in a way that can worsen and accelerate the impact of aging on your face. New You Dentures use neuromuscular principles to improve denture fit. Not only are these dentures secure and comfortable, they rejuvenate your facial appearance, taking as much as a decade off your appearance.


Another cause of snoring and sleep apnea is loose, saggy tissue in your mouth and throat. Nightlases uses a low-powered laser to encourage your body to grow more supportive fibrous tissue. With just 1-3 30 minute sessions, you could see a permanent reduction or even elimination of snoring.


Fotona is a versatile laser. Not only is it the laser we use for Nightlase, it’s also capable of performing many skin treatments to smooth and rejuvenate your appearance. It can even remove tattoos and reduce the appearance of scars.

Myotronics K-7

Myotronics is an essential complement to T-Scan. While the T-Scan dental technology tells us precisely what bite forces your teeth create, the K-7 lets us see how your body is creating those forces. It tracks the sound of your jaw joint, the precise path followed by your jaw as it opens and closes, and the tension in your muscles. This helps us treat bite conditions like TMJ, but also helps us ensure each restoration is precisely fitted from its cusp all the way back to your jaw joint and muscles.


NuCalm is a relaxation dental technology. It uses modern neuroscience to shut down your brain’s anxiety response. This means that instead of feeling nervous during your appointment, you enter a deep meditation-like state. You’ll leave your dental appointment rested and re-energized instead of tense and exhausted.

STA “The Wand”

This is an injectionless anesthesia system for dentistry. It lets us deliver anesthesia precisely between your teeth and gums to anesthetize just the tooth or teeth we’re working on. No more dealing with sagging lips, loose cheeks, and an unresponsive tongue. We will only numb the areas we want to treat.