If you didn’t already know, the biggest cause of tooth loss in American adults is gum disease. Fortunately, gum disease is completely preventable. At Palencia Dental, we try to empower our patients and give them the resources they need to take control of their dental health. One way we empower our patients is by providing them with education. Listed below are six ways you can prevent gum disease from occurring in your mouth. If you happen to already show symptoms of gum disease, don’t worry. Our dentist in St. Augustine, Dr. Kinsey can treat you with a gum disease treatment.

A woman smirks while just finishing brushing her teeth

1. Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day

The first way to prevent gum disease is by brushing your teeth twice a day. We recommend that you brush directly after you wake up in the morning. This is to remove any bacteria that were accumulating on your teeth while you slept. You should also brush right before going to sleep so there are no food particles or plaque resting on your teeth for hours. Brushing is important for removing plaque and bacteria from your teeth that could find itself underneath your gums and cause gum disease.

2. Floss Your Teeth

As tedious as flossing is, it’s extremely important. You should floss every night before going to sleep to remove food particles and plaque from between your teeth. Flossing also helps remove anything that may have found itself near or under the gum line. Make sure not to floss too hard or you can cut your gums.

3. Quit Smoking

Not only is smoking bad for your lungs and immune system, but it can do quite a lot of damage to your teeth and gums. Since smoking weakens your immune system, it makes it harder for your body to fight off gum disease. In addition, when you inhale smoke, the first thing the toxins touch are your teeth and gums. Do yourself a favor and quit smoking.

4. Visit the Dentist for Cleanings Regularly

When you visit Palencia Dental every six months for a dental cleaning, we remove all plaque and tartar from your teeth and beneath your gum line. This helps prevent gum disease because there are no lingering bacteria to cause it.

5. Use a Therapeutic Mouthwash

Adding a therapeutic mouthwash to your nightly routine can also help fight bacteria, reduce the speed in which tartar forms, reduce plaque and also reduce gingivitis. Look for a mouthwash with the ADA seal on it for best results or ask Dr. Kinsey for a recommendation. Make sure you don’t replace brushing with rinsing your mouth with mouthwash.

6. Use Toothpaste Containing Fluoride

When it comes to choosing the best toothpaste for your oral health, pick one that contains fluoride and has the ADA seal of acceptance on the package. Fluoride helps fight cavities and gum disease!

If you show signs of gum disease like bleeding, sore, or red gums, don’t hesitate to give Palencia Dental a call for gum disease treatment. Early detection and treatment are key to a good recovery. Please call (904) 474-5444 to schedule an appointment or email us today.