There has been an anesthetic system developed that happens to bring dentistry out of the dark ages! One of the main reasons patients are afraid of dental work and spend every appointment anxious and on edge is that from the beginning we start the procedure by causing discomfort with the anesthetic injection.

You usually hear “Just a little pinch…”. You will no longer hear this at Palencia Dental. With the old method of anesthetic, we inject the anesthetic slowly but it is acidic and our bodies aren’t and it hurts!

We now have an Anutra System that is convenient for the patient and there is no longer “the little pinch” that we are so anxious about. But that’s not all! This new buffered anesthetic system prepares lidocaine with a body-neutral pH that is incredibly comforatble on delivery and has a much faster onset!

It is incredibly safe & efficient. Ask one of our highly trained team members about it at your next appointment!