What is a cosmetic dentist?

A cosmetic dentist is much more qualified than a general dentist. Sure, Dr. Kinsey can help with your general dentistry needs like fillings and X rays, but her expertise goes far beyond this to a different level of tooth and gum health. You see, a cosmetic dentist improves both the look and health of your smile, so things like decay, infection and discoloration can not only be corrected from a health perspective, but also from an appearance perspective. Dr. Kinsey always looks at the whole patient to find a long-term solution, rather than short-term fixes that others offer.

The problem with short -term solutions

The issue with the band-aid fix is that most problems aren’t that simple. It’s nothing to be overwhelmed by because we can absolutely help with whatever problem you may have, but typically the simple fix isn’t the best fix.

cosmetic dentist dr. kinsey

When you get to the root of the problem and fix things properly, that’s when you can start living your healthiest, best life. The other problem with short-term solutions is that they’re by definition extremely temporary. The dentist you’re talking to may not tell you this, but often what they’re providing for you won’t fix your issue in the long run. Dr. Kinsey is different, she gets to the root of the problem to fix things for good, so you don’t have to keep fixing them for years to come. After all, it costs not only your money, but also your time to keep fixing the issue over and over again, and your health could be going downhill during that time.

Who needs a cosmetic dentist?

A Palm Coast, FL cosmetic dentist can help just about anyone with an issue in their mouth. If you have tooth pain, or if you don’t like the color of your teeth, or if your issue is the way your teeth look—there’s a solution. If you don’t like the look of your smile, or if you just aren’t confident with your smile, or if you don’t feel like your face is even—Dr. Kinsey can help. If your teeth are too small, or it feels like you don’t have enough room in your mouth for all your teeth—we have the answer.

Why is Dr. Kinsey different?


You may be thinking, “I’ve gone to the dentist for years and they haven’t said anything about this,” and there’s a very good reason for it. They don’t know how to fix the problem for good. Being a cosmetic dentist is not a simple path. It takes years of training far beyond what normal dentists accomplish, and life-changing cosmetic dentistry is Dr. Kinsey’s passion. That passion has fueled her through schooling and into practice in a specialized way that general dentists will never be able to offer. In other words, Dr. Kinsey can do everything they can, but they can’t do what she can.


Dentistry—especially cosmetic dentistry—is an art and not all artists are created equal. Dr. Kinsey’s years of experience and drive for the art of cosmetic dentistry are key to her patients’ amazing outcomes. Where does that passion come from? That’s next.


Dr. Kinsey has wanted to be a cosmetic dentist since she was a little girl. She enjoys helping people through dentistry and has seen the life-changing results her procedures can bring to people just like you. In other words, just like the Palencia Dental tagline says, she thinks everyone deserves to smile with confidence.

Dr. Kinsey and Palencia Dental have been serving Palm Coast since 2005, and they can’t wait to welcome you into the office for a consultation. Contact us today at (904) 474-5444 to book an appointment and find out all the ways cosmetic dentist Dr. Kinsey can help you smile with confidence!