Middle aged woman shows off her natural looking smileIf you’re missing one or several teeth and you’re unhappy walking around with these missing teeth, you need a tooth replacement solution. Fortunately, Palencia Dental has lots of tooth replacement options to help you out. For our patients who have lost an entire arch of teeth, they usually weigh two options: dental implants vs dentures. So which option is right for you? Keep reading to find out!

Why Should I Replace My Missing Teeth?

If you’re wondering why you should even bother replacing your missing teeth in the first place, there are a few different reasons. First, eating with missing teeth is incredibly difficult. Even if you still have a few natural teeth left, you’re likely missing out on some of your favorite foods because you’re unable to chew them.

If you’re missing teeth, there’s a good chance you also feel unhappy with your smile. If you feel embarrassed by your toothless smile, getting dentures or dental implants can help your restore your confidence and get your life back.

Lastly, having missing teeth can impact your health. If you still have a few remaining teeth, those teeth will start to move throughout your mouth to try and fill in the empty gaps. This can throw off your bite. Also, when you lose teeth and don’t replace them with dental implants, you lose the bone in your jaw. The lack of bone can cause your face to sag and make you look older than you actually are.

Are Dentures the Best Option For Me?

If you need to replace an entire arch of teeth, dentures are a great option. Modern dentures look natural and fit well unlike dentures of the past that were always falling out. The downside of dentures is that they’re removable and not the most secure or comfortable option. Although dentures use suction and adhesives to stay in place, many patients often complain that they feel scared they will fall out when they’re eating or talking. Every patient has a different experience though. If you’re searching for an affordable tooth replacement option, dentures are a good choice.

Are Implants the Best Option For Me?

If you need to replace an entire arch of teeth but want the next best thing to dentures, consider All-on-4 implant dentures. At Palencia Dental we can use just four dental implants to secure your dentures in your mouth permanently. The dental implants replace your missing tooth roots and rest snugly in your jaw. The implants help you maintain bone in the jaw and hold your dentures in place. This means you never have to worry about your dentures falling out or your face aging prematurely. Although dental implants are more expensive, they offer many more benefits than dentures alone.

Replace Your Missing Teeth in St. Augustine, FL Today

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