Dr.KinseyIn Pittsburgh, Dr. Stephanie Kinsey and staff members of Palencia Dental recently finished advanced training and education in best practices and dental care alongside Dr. Mac Lee and Joleen Jackson from Edna, TX. The workshop was hosted by Dr. Alexandra George of Wexford, PA.

Dr. Lee and Jackson co-founded Dental Boot Kamp, which was established in 1990. The two of them run programs for dental professionals and their staff to integrate business, life, and communication into caring for patients.

The following are several subjects Dr. Lee and Jackson work with attendees on:

  • Best practices in procedures and treatment
  • TMD treatment
  • Restorative techniques
  • Bite issues
  • Full arch implants
  • Other modalities

Dr. Kinsey and her staff also participated in an annual reboot section of the course from previous years of attending classes in team leadership, patient communications aimed at a stress-free experience, the latest technologies in patient knowledge, and other subjects. The main goal is to improve our service to our patients with the most technologically-advanced dentistry in order to provide the most exceptional dental services available in Northeast Florida.

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