Every year, The Junior Service League Of St. Augustine hosts a Gala to support many of the wonderful charities that they promote. There is a court of candidates for Queen & King each year, that help to raise funds for The JSL Of St. Augustine and charities of their choice. This year, Dr. Stephanie Kinsey was one of the nominees, and her charity of choice was The Wildflower Clinic.
The JSL of St. Augustine proudly hosted the Masquerade at the Alcazar on October 17, 2015 in celebration of St. Augustine’s 450th Anniversary. All proceeds from this event will benefit many charities that The JSL of St. Augustine support, which include TAG! and the Children’s Museaum of St. Augustine.

It was such an honor for Dr. Kinsey to be included in this years court and apart of such a wonderful organization in St. Augustine! We would also like to send a special thank you to all of our sponsors, donors and attendees to our Filling The Gap Event in August to support The Wildflower Clinic and The JSL of St. Augustine.