This patient pulled his lips back, looked in a mirror and saw the upper front teeth worn down to the gums. If the front tires of your car looked like these teeth, would it get your attention?
Of course, it would, you would be on the brink of a blowout. With modern dentistry, this is a fixable situation because there is lots of bone supporting the teeth.
In other words, the tires are blown but the rims are still good. Thirty years ago, the only choice was to have the teeth removed and replaced with a denture. Dentures are not for everyone, some people can’t wear them. It is a huge fallacy that when you get old, you will need dentures.

Just because teeth are worn down they aren’t always painful. Infection and pain are not the only reason people lose teeth.

A self-exam is very easy to do. Go to a mirror, pull the cheeks and lips back and have a close look. If something doesn’t look right, it probably needs attention. Make a checklist of everything that doesn’t look right. The next step is to call a dentist you trust.

Dental fear is still one of the main reasons people do not seek help from a qualified dentist. Time, money and lack of trust are also reasons people avoid going.

A consultation visit consists of taking one big X-ray and some very clear photos, so you can see what the dentist sees. It is a safe appointment with no commitment. It makes sense to have a consultation with the purpose of gathering information that specifically fits your wants and needs.

Eating, smiling, and driving affords the quality of life at every stage of life including the senior years. This man is young. He wanted his teeth and smile back, and we are going to do just that. The case would have been much easier if we would have started it years ago. The past is the past and fortunately, we still have something to work with.

You owe it to yourself to find out your dental status. Once you know what it is and what your options are, it’s up to you to decide and what you decide is your business.