Think you may have a cracked tooth?

Here are some signs we typically see with a cracked tooth that could give you a little better idea of what you’re dealing with.
Pain and Discomfort
You shouldn’t really ever have pain while you’re eating, but it can happen on the rare occasion and go away. However, the majority of the times people notice they have pain while eating, it’s the start of more pain to come. The key is really whether you have pain eating foods you normally eat without pain. That’s a big telltale that things are going south and you need to come in and get your mouth checked out. The important distinction is you have pain mostly while you’re eating, and that it’s not a constant pain. The problem here is the tooth may be flexing or moving while you’re putting pressure on it through the process of eating, which can then put pressure on the sensitive root of the tooth and cause pain, sometimes severe.


Sensitivity while eating or drinking can also be a sign of a cracked tooth. Typically, it’s sensitivity that borders on pain, but not always. Here again the key to recognizing if this is a classic cracked tooth symptom is whether there is sensitivity while you’re eating or drinking something you normally consume without any extra noticeable sensitivity. A simple test is to drink something like ice water on the cold end of the spectrum or tea on the warm end of the spectrum. If you notice immediate sensitivity you likely have a cracked tooth.

Pain That Comes and Goes

This one sounds strange, but there are plenty of medical reasons for it. The take-home is that any pain you feel now and then is a classic symptom of a cracked tooth. If your tooth hurts all the time, there’s a chance it’s not cracked, but it still could be infected so that would mean it’s time to schedule a call with us as well. But when you have pain that comes and goes, it’s a pretty likely guess you have a cracked tooth.

What Happens If I Wait to Fix My Cracked Tooth?

As you might imagine, things get worse. A cracked tooth can be very serious and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. This isn’t the sort of thing to let sit for a while and get back to, this should move to the top of your priority list very quickly. Everything in your mouth is connected, so the longer you wait the worse things can get not only at the site of the issue, but all around it as well.

Final Thoughts…

But don’t worry, our world-class dentist Dr. Stephanie Kinsey has fixed hundreds of cracked and broken teeth, and she can fix yours as well. Get back to eating the foods you love and smiling with confidence by contacting Palencia Dental at (904) 826-4343 today in St. Augustine, FL and come see Dr. Stephanie Kinsey.