Stephanie Kinsey, DDS, owner and founder of Palencia Dental, has announced a Valentine’s Day gift giving idea for individuals considering teeth whitening treatments offering the popular technique Zoom!®.

According to Dr. Kinsey, having a beautiful smile with whiter, brighter teeth is a goal many people want to achieve. “Advanced cosmetic dentistry includes professional teeth whitening options for patients to reduce yellowing, discoloration, and stains with teeth that can look more youthful and healthy,” said Dr. Kinsey. She says one of the most popular professional teeth whitening techniques offers advantages for patients with the Zoom procedure as an option that may be more ideal than others.

Happy couple show off their love - and smiles

Dr. Kinsey says Zoom teeth whitening is available for patients with mild-to-moderate stains and teeth discoloration caused by the drinking coffee and wine, using tobacco products, and due to the aging process, to name a few. Provided as an in-office procedure, patients can experience close to instantaneous results. The procedure can be more beneficial when compared with over-the-counter teeth whitening options while offering higher strength bleaching, and application by dental professionals who customize the procedure for best outcomes. Specifically, Zoom includes an application of a safe whitening gel applied to teeth with an LED whitening lamp that accelerates results to eight shades whiter in approximately 45 minutes.

Other teeth whitening systems can also be effective at lightening the teeth, however the techniques include a multi-stage process with at-home treatments and in-office procedures designed to help patients who are affected by more serious degrees of teeth discoloration and deepest stains along the teeth. “Professional teeth whitening can significantly brighten teeth from one to three shades lighter regardless of how diligent and thorough one is with daily oral hygiene or by using over the counter whiteners,” said Dr. Kinsey. “The gift of dental health, treatments and procedures is a unique way to thank loved ones and ourselves and acknowledge the importance that taking care of one’s teeth, mouth and gums which can medically benefit the whole body.”


According to Dr. Kinsey, as the Valentine’s Day holiday approaches on February 14,it may be considered the happiest time of year, but it can also be stressful. Dr. Kinsey added with appearance pressures to look and feel great, patients can be supported by a myriad of short and long-term solutions for better dental health. An attractive and pain free mouth can be obtained for children, teens, women and men.

For example, many treatments and procedures are being offered for the holidays for substantial reductions. At Palencia Dental, purchasing one Zoom procedure and receiving half-off pricing on the second treatment is offered from February through March at $700 for two treatments. The usual price per Zoom treatment is $425. The procedure is not recommended to whiten teeth with porcelain veneers, dentures, caps, or implants, among others. New patients must include records from their current dentists with indication of healthy teeth and gums. For more information, call 904.826.4343. Visit the website at

Dr. Kinsey and her medical team welcome new and existing patients to visit the practice for a consultation and recommendations on treatments and procedures for a potentially beautiful smile in time for the holidays. Dr. Kinsey developed the holiday dental health program as a result of increased patient requests to support customized smiles with a demand for gentle dental solutions based on age, ethnicity, health conditions and other factors.

The treatments and procedures also support others available at the practice including cosmetic and facial lasers to enhance one’s appearance and tattoo removal, bone grafting, TMJ relief, bite management due to grinding and bruxism, cleaning and prevention, tooth extractions, crowns and fillings, to name a few. More complex dental aesthetics along with diagnosing and treating advanced conditions including craniocervical and craniomandibular neurological issues are also available for the holidays, and beyond.

Dr. Stephanie Kinsey has been practicing dentistry for more than 20 years. Her St. Augustine, northwest St. Johns County dentistry practice is dedicated to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of one’s smile combining conservative and state-of-the-art procedures along with advanced dental medicine. Dr. Kinsey is a Fellow with The International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics (IAPA) and serves as a member and Fellow with IAPA’s founding organization, the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). Dr. Kinsey graduated with honors in 1994 from the University of Colorado Health Science Center in Denver, Colorado. She was accepted into a General Practice Residency in Chicago, Illinois at the Illinois Masonic Medical Center where she was invited to stay a second year and serve as chief resident. Palencia Dental is located at 159 Palencia Village Dr. Suites 107-109 in St. Augustine, Fla. For more information, call 904.826.4343. Visit the website at

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