Key Information for Our Patients

Here at Palencia Dental, our skilled and helpful dental staff are here to provide you with a safe and welcoming environment. To help us do that, we wanted to provide you with key information that is designed to help you feel confident when you visit our dental care facility. We are true believers in preventative care and can work hard to provide you with knowledge and resources to help you take better care of your teeth so you can avoid common issues. While there are many preventative care practices that dentists recommend, we won’t just rattle off the same old clichés. Our team recognizes that you are an individual who requires personalized and unique care.

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The interior of the St. Augustine Cosmetic dental office of Dr. Stephanie Kinsey, offering general and cosmetic dental services. Dr. Kinsey and her staff discussing dental treatment with a patient in her office. Our skilled staff are here to provide you with a safe and welcoming environment.

Key Resources to Better Serve Our Dental Patients

To help you with your visit to our dental offices, we have information regarding:

  • Overcoming dental anxiety – We understand that many people are scared or nervous when going to the dentist. We want to help alleviate this anxiety.
  • FAQs – Many people have questions about their first visit to a new dentist or when they might be undergoing a new treatment.

Making Your Smile Our Priority

Our qualified team of experienced professionals here at Palencia Dental allows us to provide you with the high-quality dental care you deserve. When you visit our dental office, you can be sure that we are committed to the safety of all of our patients. We take special measure to help avoid contamination to help keep you safe and healthy.

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